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An indispensable element of the air transport system, along with airports and carriers. aviation is the “inter-phase” between operations carried out at airports and the users of airspace: the carriers. For aviation systems to function adequately and for operations to be carried out under efficient, cost-effective and safe conditions, there must be equipment and infrastructure on land or in the airspace that is adequate and consistent with needs; regulations and procedures must be published in order to regulate the actions off everyone taking part. Aero-consulting AMSAT, facilitates compliance with these functions, by cooperating in some of the areas detailed below:


  • Communications facilities
    • T/A Voice link
    • Data link
    • Fixed Communications
    • Controller –Pilot Data-link
  • Navigation and Landing Facilities
    • Approach and Landing Navigation Aid Facilities
    • VOR
  • Surveillance Facilities
    • Air Traffic Surveillance Radars
    • Multilateration
    • Automatic Dependence
  • Specialised Areas
    • Satellite-based Systems
    • Cost-benefit Analysis
    • State of CNS System


  • Design of Terminal Area Procedures
    • Arrivals
    • Departures
    • Approach
    • Letters of Agreement
    • Operations Manuals
  • Performance–based Navigation (PBN)
    • On route
    • Arrival and Approach
  • Aviation Information and Management Services
    • Aviation Information Services
    • Flow and Capacity Management System
    • Aviation Station Operation
  • Safety Management
    • Implementation of Operational Safety Management System
    • Drafting of Government Operational Safety Programmes
    • Facilities Calibration
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