Audits - Aeronautical Studies
Professional services for a changing aviation


A significant part of Aero-consulting AMSAT’s activity is carried out in consulting and cooperating in multiple complementary aspects to improve the reality of aviation in the areas in which they are applied, making service providing and business management in the air transport system more efficient and safer.
Some of these specific jobs, which range from the drafting of aviation reports and documents recommended by International Civil Aviation, to Technical Auditing and Management, are detailed below:

  • Strategic Analysis
    • Communications Facilities
    • Navigation and Landing Facilities
    • Surveillance Facilities
    • Satellite-based Systems
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Basic Documentation
    • Airport Operations Manual
    • ATC Operations Manual
    • Airports Certification
    • Safety Management (SMS)
    • Security Manual (SeMS)
  • Situation Reports
    • CNS System status
    • Noise Footprints in the Airport Environment
    • Environmental Audits
    • Easement Studies
    • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Aviation Studies
    • Viability of implementation of air carriers
    • Organization of ground assistance services
    • Organization of NA Facilities Maintenance
    • Organization of Aviation Information Management
    • Air Transport Studies


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