Aviation Management
Professional services for a changing aviation
Aero-consulting AMSAT,presents alternative solutions to improve Airport Facilities:
An indispensable element in the air transport system, on a par with airports and carriers, Aero-consulting AMSAT facilitates the accomplishment of these functions, by means of cooperation amongst the following areas:
Consulting & Audits
Aero-consulting AMSAT advises and cooperates in the improvement of aviation in the areas in which these are applied, , making the providing of services and management of aviation systems more efficient and secure.

ARTICLES (Spanish)

Del comercio de emisiones y otras amenazas (Link)
Canarias Ahora - 18/01/2012

Un sistema aeroportuario canario (PDF)
La Provincia - 07/03/2011

Medio ambiente y control aéreo (PDF)
Diario de avisos - 07/11/2010

A propósito del corredor aéreo entre Europa y Sudamérica (Link) RSEAPGC
Ver PDF - La Provincia - 06/07/2009



International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

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