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The importance that AMSAT has conferred and continues to place on aviation training is shown by our having created a specific unit for the development and promotion of this activity: CIATI, Canary Islands Aeronautical Training Institute.
This is the formula for achieving a balanced air transport system in which the human resources instruction policy is based on the training of its professionals by competencies. The general activities that are carried out in the Institute are grouped under the following categories:

    • Study and Management of Training Needs
    • Training Master Plans
    • Return on Investment (ROI)
    • Preparation and carrying out of Training on Request
    • Courses for higher Management levels
    • Organization and Development of Seminars and Tutorials
    • Training of Trainers
    • Courses for Course Instructors (ICAO)
training CIATI

This is the key for the implementation of any aviation system to be successful under adequate precision, continuity and availability parameters, as well as to guide its evolution according to needs at any given time.

Aero-consulting AMSAT has the appropriate resources to handle professional training programmes aimed at developing specific competencies applicable to the performance of specific aviation functions and which are internationally recognised.

Concurrently, we have successfully carried out, over several years, a number of advanced courses in airport management, aviation navigation and about carriers.

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